Meet Margaret

Hi and thanks for dropping by! So what would you like to know about me?

Margaret Collins

Even during childhood I was fascinated, asking “How does that work?”and became a bio-medical research scientist to find answers to that question. For many years, while doing good work, publishing papers and rising through the professional ranks I also struggled with feeling like an Imposter – just how did I get here?!

I trained as a coach and became a master practitioner of NLP and I learned how to manage my Imposter feelings! Later I qualified as a confidence coach and studied the neuroscience of coaching. I’ve established my own successful coaching and training businesses to work with both private and organisational clients.

More recently, I’ve immersed myself in the work and research of Brené Brown, understanding how, when we express courage, trust and authenticity, we can win out over the pain and isolation of shame. We can learn to pick ourselves up and write our own life story.

When I’m not at work I live in Cardiff with my wife. Together we care for my disabled sister and about four pet chickens. You’ll often find us talking to the chickens, working in the garden, maybe watching Star Trek or being entertained by the deductions of Sherlock Holmes.

The values that guide me in my life and my work include authenticity, empowerment and growth.
  • I am passionate about sharing the knowledge that each of us, right now, is enough, good enough, strong enough, wise enough and beautiful enough, just as we are.
  • I am excited that at the same time we have the potential to be so much more.
  • I am intrigued that we sometimes feel that we see the big picture, yet each of us can only see in part; only together can we create more than we can see, more than we are.
  • I am on this planet to be a link in a chain, a bond of connection, part of something that is both bigger than me yet an essential part of me.
  • I must do something about reducing evident unfairness or injustice, reducing conscious and unconscious bias, things that conspire to make a minority feel less than they are.
  • I have the courage to create a better life, full of opportunities for you, for me; even when I fail or fall, I have the courage to get up and try once more.
  • I will dare greatly by being most fully myself so that you may find the courage to explore the fullness of you.

You might want to know how I can help you…
I work with people through my face-to-face workshops and in one-to-one telephone/Skype coaching.

I believe the world is a better place when we show up as our real selves and not as the safer image of ourself that we think is more acceptable. Ultimately I believe we are happier, healthier and achieve more when we show up authentically, warts and all. I know what it feels like to worry whether people are seeing through the mask, whether they will like or even want to know the person underneath.

In my coaching work I start with the assumption that you don’t need fixing. You already have all you need to get to be who or where you want to be. It might take a little encouragement and maybe a few conversations for you to discover that wisdom within yourself. I will walk with you, talk with you and encourage you to explore your thoughts and your thinking, to figure out what’s really most helpful for you. I will listen and reflect back what I hear and what I see… I will be working with you to take action, to do the work needed to get into your groove and get moving or to get out of your own way and let your self grow.